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Time for an adventure

Train station in Dresden.

The Motion

One of the streets in Dresden.


One of the shots from my Crvenka series, where im trying to capture interesting things in this boring little town. This one is taken from top of a building, looking at city centre.

Charles Bridge

Magnificent view of Charles Bridge in Prague on a cloudy night.

Prague Metro

Train coming to metro station Mustek in Prague.

Bent But Not Broken

Profitis Ilias Monastery, built long time ago, abandoned for years, but still fighting against the time.

Lighthouse Big

A beam of light in the darkness.


Bell at Profitis Ilias Monastery on top of the Lefkada Island.


Captured freedom.


Maybe a cliche, but still too beautiful view to be left uncaptured.

Road To Nowhere

...and we came there, to the top, wondering what else is left when there is nowhere to go from there on...


Water playing with sun and sand, creating something new and beautiful.

Playful Waves

Don't run! They just wanna play.

Trapped Waves

They are fighting their way out, one day at a time...

Gliding Around

One way to achieve piece with yourself is to step off the earth.

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